Kiribai 桐灰

Kiribai Reusable Body Warmer (Microwavable) 1pc 桐灰 艾草香暖暖球 (可重复微波加热使用)

  • Heating sphere that heats directly on the range and directly put on the navel. (Do not warm up in automatic mode) 
  • Improves blood flow
  • About 40 degrees lasts for 20 minutes. The warmth spreads from the navel and it is warmed like steaming the lower abdomen from the stomach.
  • Minerals with far infrared effect
  • Yellow soil and wormwood fragrance.
  • Everyday when you want to lighten the mood to become heavier and monthly monthly.
  • Jasmine and mugwort fragrance type.
  • You can use it repeatedly 90 times.

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