Kiss Me 奇士美

KISS ME [3RD GEN] Heroine Make Advanced Film Mascara (Volume & Curl) 花漾美姬 瞬翘自然卷防水睫毛膏 (浓密)


This is the 3rd generation of Kiss Me mascara, just newly released. It gives you waterproof* performance while the film-type also enable easy removal by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover. The special curling polymers allows your eyelashed curling up all day long. It contains 5mm long extension fibers for lengthening performance. Quick drying formula. It contains tsubaki oil, royal jelly extract, argan oil, and wild rose oil for lash nourishment.

防水性能,而薄膜型还可以用温水或眼部卸妆液轻松去除。 特殊的卷曲聚合物让您的睫毛全天卷曲。 它含有 5 毫米长的延长纤维,可延长性能。 快干配方。 它含有椿油、蜂王浆提取物、摩洛哥坚果油和野玫瑰油,可滋养睫毛。


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