Kiss Me Liquid Lip Shield 6g 花漾美姬 液体唇盾护唇膏 6g


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Kiss Me Liquid Lip Shield 

A transfer-proof, waterproof, and long lasting liquid lip shied. It keeps your lip makeup from staining your mask and cup. It provides a soft-focus effect to perfect to hide the wrinkles on the lips. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturize the lip.

How to Use

Shake well before use with a cap tightly closed. On the tip of the spatula, take the appropriate amount and spread it thinly to the inside of the lips and to the corners of the mouth. After applying, lightly duct the lip with a tissue to make the color last. 

花漾美姬 液体唇盾护唇膏

防水和持久的唇彩。 它可以防止您的嘴唇化妆弄脏口罩和杯子。 它提供柔焦效果,完美遮盖嘴唇上的皱纹。 它含有透明质酸和胶原蛋白,可滋润嘴唇。


使用前请摇匀,并盖紧盖子。 取适量并将其涂到嘴唇内部和嘴角。 涂抹后,用纸巾轻轻擦拭嘴唇,使颜色持久。


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