KissMe Herione Long & Curl Super Waterproof 02 Brown 花漾美姬 纤长卷翘睫毛膏 02 棕色



  • Curl lock and smudge free
  • A unique durability formula formulated with Super Guard polymer. Coat your eyelashes to prevent panda eyes.
  • It dries quickly and firmly holds the eyelashes upward, keeping it curled for a long time.
  • A curved brush that conforms to the shape of the eye is used to create long, beautiful eyelashes that overlap.

KissMe Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super WP:

  • Ultra long mascara with the longest mascara fiber in the history of heroine make
  • 5mm long extension fiver to make your eyelashes super long
  • Waterproof

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