Kiss Me 奇士美

KISS ME Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover 花漾美姬 睫毛膏卸妆凝胶


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Instantly dissolves and smoothly removes waterproof mascara just by applying. It's also gentle on eyelashes because it can be removed without rubbing.

While it removes makeup nice and clearly, it also moisturizes eyelashes vulnerable to damage.

Eyelash-care ingredient:Panax ginseng root extract, Camellia oil,Almond oil, Argan oil, Royal jelly extract, Emollient ingredient:Rose Hip Oil 【Rosa Canina Fruit Oil】

Free from fragrance, artificial colors, ionic surfactants, alcohol.*Skin irritancy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of skin irritancy.)


Apply appropriate amount from the base of lashes in dry condition, then wipe off gently with cotton, or rinse gently with hand.

新配方能更迅速并彻底溶解防水睫毛液,无需等待,轻轻涂上便能即时洁净睫毛,效果 显著。无需搓揉或磨擦,减轻睫毛负担。

新改良圆卷梳刷头,间距更阔,能沾上更多溶解液;同时能紧贴睫毛,更快卸除 睫毛液;睫毛液结块亦能轻松卸除。






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