Kiss Me 奇士美

Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume&Curl Mascara Advanced Film #02 Brown 花漾美姬 瞬翘自然卷浓密防水睫毛膏 (咖啡色)


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Heroine Make: Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film # 02 Brown.

Net wt. 6g / 0.21 oz

The 3rd Generation Mascara: The Best Waterproof ability with film-tubing technology.

  • Brand New Formula: Strong Resistance against water and sweat YET can be washed off easily with facial soap.
  • Volume & Separate Powder creates beautifully separated ultra-volume eyelashes.
  •  Shape-memory polymer locks the curl of eyelashes for a whole day or up to 10 hours.
  • Beauty ingredients (Camelia flower oil, Wild rose flower oil, Royal jelly, Argan oil) contained.



  •  Hold the curve of the brush as close to the roots as possible, wiggle it back and forth at the roots, then swipe off to the tips.
  • Apply mascara lower lashes with tip of mascara.  
  • Repeat steps until you get ideal length and volume of eyelashes.



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