Kiss Me 奇士美

Kissme Heroine Make Volume Up Mascara Super WP#02 Brown 6g 日本奇士美卷翘浓密睫毛膏 棕色款 6g


Product Feature:

  • SUPER VOLUMIZING POWDER - Volume EX Powder and Volume Separate Powder increases density of eyelashes every coating and creates beautiful fuller lashes.
  •  ALL DAY CURL-HOLD - With Curl-Locking ingredients and Memory-Shape Polymer keeps lashes stay curled upward for a whole day.
  • ULTRA STRONG WATERPROOF - It has super strong ressistant against, especially, tears, sweat, water, oils, and abrasions while preventing smudge all day long.
  • CONTAINS 6 KINDS EYELASH SERUM INGREDIENTS - Eyelash treatment ingredients protect sensitive lashes from damaga while wearing make up. Camelia Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Argan Oil, Wild Rose Oil, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, and Almond Oil

How to Use:

  1. 使用刷头内侧从睫毛根部向上刷
  2. 使用刷头外侧梳理睫毛
  3. 使用刷头沟槽处从睫毛根部向上大面积涂刷



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