Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 小林制药

Kobayashi One drop Toilet Deodorizing Liquid 20ml 日本小林制药一滴消臭元 花香型 20ml


Product Feature:

  • OneDrop - Embarrassed by bathroom odor? Say no more one drop and odor stops! OneDrop in the bowl before-you-go and no one else will ever know! OneDrop blocks odor while releasing a refreshing scent.
  • SAFE - Safe To Use With Any Toilet, Septic System, Or Portable Toilet.
  • LONG LASTING - Long Lasting Powerful Deodorizer. OneDrop Before - You - Go Blocks Odors Until They Are Flushed Away.
  • QUICK TO ACTIVATE - Quickly Spreads On The Surface Of Water. Instantly Delivers Fresh Fragrance. Traps and Eliminates Unwanted Odors.
  • PORTABLE - Fits In Your Pocket, Purse, Backpack, Or Briefcase. 

How to Use:

Before or after you use the restroom, drop one drop into the toilet.



  • 强力除臭
  • 体积小巧,方便携带
  • 植物提取成分,有效分解和掩盖各种异味
  • 留香持久 




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