Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 小林制药

Kobayashi Seiyaku Cool Eye Wash 小林制药 冰凉冷爽洗眼液 (天蓝色 5度) 500ml

Kobayashi Seiyaku Cool Eye Wash


  • Rinse out unpleasant causes such as itching and foreign body sensation due to dust and dirt, refreshinglyI will let you.
  • Cool feeling
  • Cool refreshing comfort
  • For eye washing, eye disease prevention Vitamin B 6, corneal protective ingredient compounded

Cooling level: 5 out of 5

How to use

Fill the rubber cup that is provided with the wash up to the line indicated, Hold the cup up to your eye, lift head to better submerge eye in the eye wash as needed, and then move eye balls around while blinking.

After finish with one eye, dump out the liquid, rinse the rubber cup with tap water, refill, and repeat with second eye. The cup has a bit of suction action that helps keep the liquid from spilling all over face.


Refer to pharmacist before use to exercise caution for allergies or medical conditions. Immediately discontinue use if experience redness, irritation or burning sensation.


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