Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 小林制药

Kobayashi Stain Remover Wet Napkin 4pcs 小林制药 衣物去污湿纸巾


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  • Resolves stain by cause.
  • It clears various spots cleanly.
  • It is very easy without washing with water.


Handling Precautions:

  • Do not use for falling colors with water.
  • Especially attention to silk, rayon, tencel.
  • Since there is a fear of bleaching, do not use it for Kimono, gold thread or silver threads for its processed fabrics and tight textile products, rubber and leather products.
  • After confirming the composition indication of the fiber attached to clothing, use it.
  • Do not apply ironing etc in a state that it is not dry enough after use.
  • There may be times when the spots do not fall.
  • Especially blood is dealt with immediately after stain.
  • Blemishes other than usage examples, especially paints, hair dyeing, inks, magic inks, ballpoint pens, pollen, lipstick and foundation, do not fall on this product.
  • For Soy sauce, sauce, coffee, fruit juice, juice, for blood / 1.5g (liquid) x 2
  • For Curry, ketchup, dressing, for sauce of grilled meat / 2g (liquid) x 2

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