Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 小林制药

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Blue Toilet Decor Disinfectant Plus (Fresh Floral) 3pcs 小林制药 马桶消臭小花瓣凝胶-清新花香 3枚


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Blue Toilet Decor Disinfectant Plus

Simply stick it on the surface of the toilet bowl to spread a pleasant scent and keep the water clean.

  • Every time you flush it, the chemical spreads in the water of the toilet, and the cleaning ingredients work to clean it thoroughly. The effect of preventing dirt from adhering and the effect of suppressing the generation of black spots due to the disinfectant * component * keeps the water creases clean and makes cleaning easier.
    * Suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause black spots. However, not all bacteria are eradicated. The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of dirt.
  • It can be used for about a week by pasting it on two places on the left and right at a time.
    (When flushed 15 times a day) (It may change slightly depending on the temperature, water temperature, amount of water, etc.)
  • The flowing water is colorless.
  • The product does not affect the septic tank and the bacteria in the septic tank.

How to Use

(1) Remove the cap and press the tip of the container firmly against the flat surface of the toilet bowl.

(2) While pressing the tip of the container against the toilet bowl, squeeze the bottom of the container and push out about half of the drug . Do not lift the tip of the container until the petals rise.

(3) Pull the container straight away from the toilet bowl. (You can make one petal gel.)

(4) Next , squeeze the face of the container and extrude the remaining drug to make another petal gel.
* If a lot of medicine remains in the container, make another petal gel on the toilet bowl.

小林制药 马桶消臭小花瓣凝胶














1 拧开瓶盖,瓶口对着坐便器平滑的内壁挤出凝胶。

2 保持瓶口对着坐便器的内壁,紧捏瓶子尾部,


3 瓶口须与坐便器内壁呈垂直状才可做成一个凝胶花瓣。

4 捏住瓶子上部将剩余凝胶挤出,可再做一个凝胶花瓣。


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