KOHAKUHADA Mask Cream 琥珀肌 水润修护面霜


■ Amber Extract Amber – the only plant-derived precious stone that came into existence with the passage of time over 50 million years ago. Yamano has spent over 10 years on amber extract research which has yielded successful results. Fortified with two forms of amber-derived cosmetic agents in the form of amber powder and amber extract known for their anti-aging capabilities, this product aids in the maintenance of firm, moisturized, and beautiful skin.

■ First skincare series with dual amber ingredients (amber extract + amber powder)! Youthful, rejuvenated skin!

■ Original “Super Deep Veil”
Formula Feeling of firmness that lasts all day!

■ Collagen ・Placenta ・Ceramide ・ Lipidure (Moisturizing Agents)
Anti-aging skincare support!

■ 2-in-1 Cream
Cream with additional mask benefits that help seal in moisture.

■ Combats fine lines and wrinkles resulting from dry skin.

■ Free of parabens, alcohol, fragrances, and artificial colorings.

集面霜面膜雙重功效於一身的琥珀肌水潤修護面霜,是琥珀肌另一皇牌產品,蘊含世界首個雙重琥珀精華成份,配合獨有「琥珀精華深層浸透配方」(Super Deep Vail Formulation),能整天為肌膚補充並鎖緊水份,改善因乾燥而引致的細紋、暗啞,保濕滋潤肌膚,讓肌膚回復彈性,提升肌膚明亮感。質感輕盈水潤不油膩,極易被肌膚吸收。晚上厚敷可作面膜使用,翌日一覺醒來,肌膚盈潤彈滑,充滿水嫩光澤。不含防腐劑、酒精、香料及人造色素,不會對肌膚造成刺激,敏感肌亦適用。


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