KOIKEYA The Norishio Seaweed Salt Chip 湖池屋 厚切海苔盐薯片 54g [EXP. 10/12/23]


KOIKEYA The Norishio Seaweed Salt Chip

Thickly cut potatoes are coated in a rich, mellow nori paste and served with crisp roasted chilies. Enjoy the aroma, taste and spiciness. elegant moments.

In addition, the packaging uses "paper" as in the previous "The KOIKEYA" series. At the same time as expressing the handmade feelings of the time of its founding, the packaging reduces the amount of plastic used and is environmentally friendly.


Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, flavored oil, salt, green laver, sea lettuce, red pepper (20% roasted red pepper), red bell pepper, shiitake mushroom extract powder, plum powder, yeast extract powder, Sichuan pepper, dried bonito, Kelp/Seasoning (Amino acid etc.)

*Made in Japan

湖池屋 厚切海苔盐薯片

厚切的土豆涂上浓郁醇厚的紫菜酱,配上脆烤辣椒。 享受香气、味道和辛辣。 优雅的时刻。

此外,包装与之前的“The KOIKEYA”系列一样使用“纸”。 包装在表达创立之初的手工情怀的同时,减少了塑料的使用量,更加环保。


马铃薯(日本:非转基因)、植物油、调味油、盐、紫菜、海生菜、红辣椒(20%烤红辣椒)、红灯笼椒、香菇精粉、话梅粉、酵母精粉、川菜 胡椒粉、鲣鱼干、海带/调味料(氨基酸等)



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