KOIKEYA The Shrimp Chip 湖池屋 海老虾脆饼 35g [EXP. 09/28/23]


KOIKEYA The Shrimp Chip

A snack that allows you to enjoy the original taste of shrimp in a luxurious way.

Whole prawns are kneaded into the batter and deep-fried until crisp and fragrant. You can enjoy it as a snack with alcohol or as a companion for a luxurious moment for adults.

In addition, the packaging uses "paper" as in the previous "The KOIKEYA" series. At the same time as expressing the handmade feelings of the time of its founding, the packaging reduces the amount of plastic used and is environmentally friendly.


Dough (made in Japan) (wheat flour, starch, shrimp extract powder, shrimp powder, sugar, dried shrimp, fermented seasoning liquid, vegetable oil, bonito flakes), vegetable oil, dextrin, salt, glucose, powdered oil/processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.) ), trehalose, (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, and soybeans)

*Made in Japan

湖池屋 海老虾脆饼


将整只大虾揉入面糊中,油炸至酥脆和香味。 您可以将它作为下酒点心享用,也可以作为奢华时光的伴侣。

此外,包装与之前的“The KOIKEYA”系列一样使用“纸”。 包装在表达创立之初的手工情怀的同时,减少了塑料的使用量,更加环保。


生面团(日本制)(小麦粉、淀粉、虾粉、虾粉、砂糖、虾干、发酵调味液、植物油、鲣鱼片)、植物油、糊精、食盐、葡萄糖、粉末油/加工淀粉、 调味料(氨基酸等)、海藻糖、(部分含有牛奶成分、小麦、虾、大豆)



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