Koji 蔻吉

Koji Dolly Wink Bitter Greige Liquid Eyeliner 0.5ml 日本蔻吉 Dolly Wink极细持久不晕染眼线液笔 - 米灰棕色


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Product Feature:

A liquid eyeliner that makes it easy to create seasonal faces with exquisite dull colors.

Bitter Greige
A pale brown with no redness that softens and enhances the eyesight.

  • Clear and vivid color even at night - Even if you use it over eyeshadow, the color will not fade and the color will be vivid.

  • SUPER WATERPROOF - Excellent durability against sweat, water, tears and sebum.

  • Extra-fine bristles with a tip of 0.1mm - The ultra-

    fine bristles allow you to draw beautifully to the corners of your eyes.

  • Easy to use even for beginners. - Quick-drying, non-bleeding Adheres perfectly to the skin. Keeps freshly drawn lines with a rub-resistant formula.

  • Easily removes makeup with hot water Even though it stays on for a long time, it can be easily removed with hot water.

  • Contains 5 types of moisturizing serum ingredients: aloe vera leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed honey protein, ginkgo biloba extract, assembly extract

How to Use:

Apply according to preference.

*Product of Japan


防水不晕染的极细持久眼线液笔,一笔流畅自然, 美丽一整天。

  • 整体保持色泽鲜艳 - 即使在眼影上使用颜色也能够保有原有色彩而不变浅
  • 配合5种保湿美容液成分 - 芦荟叶精华,透明质酸钠,加水分解蜂蜜蛋白,银杏叶精华,日本獐牙菜
  • 速干不晕染 - 与肌肤紧密贴合,即使摩擦也不会晕开
  • 超级防水 - 对汗,水,泪,皮脂有极好的耐久性
  • 温水简单卸妆 - 长时间不塌陷,用热水酒可以轻松卸下






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