Koji 蔻吉

Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Filter (#01 Pink Greige) 蔻吉 Dolly Wink 持久柔啡染眉膏 (#01 粉米色) 4g


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Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Filter

#01 Pink Greige: Recommended for people with reddish hair color

A powdery textured eyebrow mascara that gives a soft, three-dimensional eyebrow finish.

  • Soft powder prescription
    With a natural color that softens the blackness of your own eyebrows, when it dries, it gives a soft and loose finish that looks like a powder finish.

  • Quick-drying / waterproof
    As it is smooth and stretches well, it dries quickly and is resistant to rubbing of bangs, sweat and water.

  • Compact brush that is easy to apply and comb.
    An original shape that takes an appropriate amount and does not easily stick to the skin, and it is easy to apply even small parts such as the corners of the eyebrows.

  • Easy remove with warm water
    You can easily remove it with warm water even though it does not collapse for a long time.

  • Two types of moisturizing beauty essence ingredients
    Panthenol, hydrolyzed conchiolin


蔻吉 Dolly Wink 持久柔啡染眉膏

#01 粉米色:推荐给微红色的头发


  • 柔和散粉配方 

  • 速干/防水

  • 易于涂抹和梳理的紧凑型刷子
  • 用温水轻松卸除 即使长时间不塌陷,也可以用 水轻松取下。
  • 两种保湿美容精华成分



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