Koji 蔻吉

Koji DOLLY WINK Salon Eye Lash No 9 Round and Curled Red Panda 2 Sets 蔻吉益若翼 动物系列假睫毛 #9: 圆卷的红熊猫 2对装


Koji DOLLY WINK Salon Eye Lash No 9 A Perfectly Brown Squirrel

Even beginners can easily make salon-grade eyelashes at home in 10 seconds. Gives a natural and beautiful finish like freshly applied false eyelashes every day.

9: Red panda with curls and curls for active eyes with curls and upward red-brown eyelashes.

  • Only 10 seconds! A just size that does not require scissors and can be easily attached by beginners with a soft shaft.
  • Matsuek With ultra-fine hair that fits your eyelashes, it looks like you've just put on false eyelashes every day.
  • Super lightweight! Ultra-lightweight eyelashes that are light on the eyes and comfortable to wear.
  • Can be used repeatedly and can be used repeatedly, and the cost performance is also! Keeps a beautiful shape even if it is removed.
  • Professional make-up specifications, long and thick king eyelashes.


  • 2 Sets of eyelashes
  • 1 Mini eyelash glue

蔻吉益若翼 动物系列假睫毛 #9: 圆卷的红熊猫

初学者也可以在家里在 10 秒内轻松制作沙龙级睫毛。 赋予自然美丽的妆容,就像每天新涂的假睫毛一样。

9: 适合卷毛和向上的红棕色睫毛的活跃眼睛。

  • 只需10秒! 不需要剪刀的恰到好处的尺寸,初学者可以用柔软的轴轻松安装。
  • 拥有贴合睫毛的超细毛,每天都贴上假睫毛。
  • 超轻量! 超轻量睫毛,轻薄入眼,佩戴舒适。
  • 可以反复使用! 即使摘下也能保持美丽的形状。
  • 专业的妆容规格,长而浓密的王睫毛。
  • 2对睫毛
  • 1支迷你睫毛胶

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