Koji 蔻吉

Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker (Super Hold) 蔻吉 Eye Talk双眼皮胶水(强力持久款) 6ml


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Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker (Super Hold) 

The world famous "eye talk" with more holding power and long lasting performance. Improved liquid glue texture for better deeper eyelid finish with a natural look. It also comes with the easy-to-use Y-shape pusher.

No matter how long it is, the glue will have its adhesiveness and it will look natural all day long To reduce your eyelids' burden, this product contains Plant Type Ceramide and Rose Extract to keep your skin moist and tighten, so it will not create irritation!


1. Use the Y-shaped pusher to locate where you want to make the eyelid. 2. Draw the liquid gently to make a line (firstly appears as white colour before drying). 3. When the liquid becomes semi-dry, hold the centre of the line with the pusher and keep your eyes open. The new double eyelid will setup when dried and the liquid turns clear (transparent).


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