Kokubo 小久保

KOKUBO Convenient Kitchen Goods Oil Absorbing Skimming Paper 12pcs 小久保 魔力厨房吸油纸 包/12片


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Paper floats on the surface of cooking or brewing food or soup. As it covers the surface it absorbs unwanted grease and residue. It can also act as a lid and keep the cooking material warm.

1. Place the skimming sheet after water or broth has been placed inside the pot and before heat has been applied
2. As you heat the pot, lift the sheet a little above the soup so you may add oils and ingredients
3. Once you have put all your ingredients inside the pot and allowed it to cook for a couple of minutes, take out the skimming sheet with a utensil.
4. Careful not to touch the paper or pot as it will be extremely hot


只需放一片在汤上就可以把油腻腻的油脂吸有 炸食品也可以放在这吸油膜上



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