Kose 高丝

KOSE Clear Turn Ultra-rich Rice Mask (40pcs)


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  • alcohol-free, oil-free, perfume-free for dry skin type and conspicuous pores. 
All in one mask ultra-rice rice mask with six functions, contains premium rice extract, made from 100% Japanese rice. The milky beauty serum will supplement hydration, giving you plumped, soft hydrated skin, with no conspicuous.
Five types of extract from 100% Japanese rice. Rice ferment extract, oryza sative (rice) bran extract, purple rice extract, hydrolyzed rice extract, hydrolyzed rice bran extract (Moisturising).
A luxury sheet made in Japan that will fit snugly to your face, 1.5 times thicker. All in one face mask for quick application and rich skin care.

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