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KOSE Clear Turn Super Rich Moisturizing Mask EX (40pcs)


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Clear Turn Super Concentrated Moisturizing Mask EX 40 sheets is a moisturizing pack that leads to soft skin with plenty of moisture without prevention of dry fine lines and pores.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Argan oil, collagen, Hyaluronic acid and other high humidity ingredients formulation.

A special penetrating essence that has a high penetration gives the skin a balance of moisture and oil, delivering deep and dark moisture to the skin. 

Lotion + astringent + beauty serum + milky lotion + cream + pack + eye mask + massage 8 roles. Skin care is completed with this one piece.

Weak acidity · nonfragrance · 

How to use: 

● Please use on cleansing skin after cleansing.
● When feeling dry, please use the mask after use, emulsion, cream and so on to rest your skin.
● You can also use it for cleaning in the morning.
(1) Remove the mask one by one from the bag and spread it. Fold back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward.
(2) First align the position of the eyes, then position the mouth, put it on the whole face, lightly hold it so that no air enters, and bring it into close contact with the skin.
(3) When care of the eyes, pay attention so that the liquid does not get into the eyes, bring the folded back part of the sheet close to the eye, and care for the lower eyelid.


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