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Kose Cosmeport Princess Veil Morning Skin Care Mask (8PC)


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The newest upgraded morning use mask, it only takes 1 minute and your skin will turn back to the moisturized and compact condition. It absolutely is the greatest gift for lazy people. With five different functions: cleanser, toner, emulsion, mask and primer, suitable for immediate use after getting up in the morning. You are able to apply makeup right away after doing the mask and no cleaning has to be done. Only 60 seconds, your skin is brightening up and also moisturized. The newly-invented mask size was based on the average face size of Japanese women, stick closer to the face, enhance doubled moisturizing effect and so, nourishing the skin better.

Product Feature:

  • With the three-layer construction design: The carefully prepared water essence which was refined for many years can be preserved in the pure, soft mask.
  • Fit the face well: The newly-developed size of the mask is tailor-made for Asian women, more effective to cover the skin around eyes, nose and mouth, perfectly fits the entire face.
  • Moist and juicy fruit extract: The rich fruit extract makes the skin feels instantly refreshed and comfortable.
how to use

After getting up in the morning, position the mask to align with eyes and mouth, smooth to fit closely to the entire face. 1 minute later, remove the mask. Pat the face gently to help better absorption of the remaining essence. Can directly do the makeup without washing.


Malic acid formula: Wipes the dirt and roughness away. Grapefruit extract, organic peppermint leaf extract, lime extract, orange honey, blueberry extract: Immediately hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycerin: Moisturize.


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