Kose 高丝

KOSE Fortune Hand & Nail Cream (Rich Moist) 高丝 蔻丝魅宝 花果香薰护手霜 (浓厚滋润牡丹香) 60g


KOSE Fortune  Hand & Nail Cream (Rich Moist)

Keep hands feeling baby-smooth on the go with these compact hand creams. The Rich Moist hand cream is perfect for softening calluses and boasts a rich bouquet scent.

Rich Moist

  • A hand cream that is super moist and soft, and enjoys the scent of nail care ingredients.
  • A dense veil that wraps around gently and wraps smoothly, leaving a moist and hermetically sealed fragrance with a soft blend of biony and white bouquet.

    *Made in Japan 




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