Kose 高丝

KOSE Premium Clear Turn Collagen Royal Jelly Face Mask (4PCS) 高丝 胶原蛋白高保湿 黄金果冻面膜


KOSE Premium Clear Turn Royal Jelly Face Mask – Collagen. Only for the most important day – this is the premium version of Kose’s best selling Clear Turn mask series. Contains high level collagen, Coenzyme Q10, royal jelly, argan oil and Hydrioxyproline. KOSE Premium Clear Turn Jelly Face Mask is all in one type, designed to work as: 1) mask, 2) pack, 3) lotion, 4) milky lotion, 5) cream, and 6) eye mask. Sheets are made with 100% cellulose without any impure materials.


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