KOSÉ SEKKISEI Herbal Esthetic Cream Mask 150ml 日本雪肌精馨白按摩涂抹面膜 150ml


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Product Feature:
A whitening facial mask for silky-smooth and beautiful white skin

A gel-type whitening mask that contains ten moisturizing oriental herbal extracts (coix seed, angelica, melothria, citrus junos, peach leaf, moutan bark, calamus root, mallow, nettle leaf, poria). Delicately infuses whitening agents while eliminating unnecessary dead skin cells that contain melanin, leaving the skin purely translucent and beautiful from within.

Envelops the skin with a refreshing veil that prevents dryness and skin problems.Makes rough, uneven skin feel velvety, fine-grained, plump and silky-smooth.

Suppresses melanin production and prevents age spots and freckles from sun exposure.

Offers a "Floral Bouquet" fragrance that heightens the relaxation effect, in addition to Sekkisei's original fresh fragrance.

How to Use:

Use once or twice a week on clean skin. Take a generous amount on the spatula. Gently massage over face using fingertips, avoiding the eye area, lips and hairline. Leave on for about one minute. Gently remove with spatula, then rinse or tissue off. Follow with lotion. Close cap after each use. If skin is sunburned, use only after redness and stinging subside.




  • 荟萃10种汉方植物精华成分(川谷籽・东当归根・白蔹*・香橙・桃叶・牡丹根・菖蒲根・欧锦葵・荨麻・茯苓)(保湿)的膏霜美白面膜。美白有效成分能深入渗透并作用于肌肤,通过面膜的机能排出含黑色素的老化角质等废弃物,从而由内里实现集中的净化与美白,令肌肤随之绽放纯白澄澈如雪的透明感。
  • 以水润的触感温柔地包裹肌肤,防止肌肤干燥、粗糙。
  • 纵然是令人烦恼的粗糙肌肤也能被逐渐调理至柔软细腻、饱满光滑的状态。
  • 抑制黑色素的生成,防止因日晒引起的黑斑・色斑。
  • 在雪肌精独特清新的味道中增添了些许让人惬意放松的花香。




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