Kose 高丝

Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil (J Edition) 高丝 SOFTYMO 宝可梦联名版快速卸妆油 (胖丁) 230ml


Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil

Quick-acting Cleansing Oil Removes makeup easily and fast!
Japan's No.1 best-selling cleansing oil, OK to use with wet hands! Convenience UP!
It is easy to use and can be used while taking a bath, which is convenient and quick!
Cleansing ingredients: sunflower oil and corn seed oil formula added

5 kinds of certified organic herbal essential oils added
Shea Butter: Super high moisturizing power, makes the skin naturally elastic, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin at the same time!
Olive Oil: Effectively maintains moisture and nourishes the skin, eliminates and delays the appearance of wrinkles, and slows down the degree of skin aging.
Jojoba oil: extremely high moisturizing power, strong penetrating power, can soften cuticles, and provide more nutrients for the skin!
Sesame Oil: Possesses potential antioxidant function, improves skin aging, and can moisturize and moisturize.
Safflower Seed Oil: It can inhibit the appearance of oxidation in the human body, delay skin aging, avoid pigment deposition on the surface of the skin, and make the skin tender and elastic.

Addition of mascara remover ingredients
Except for waterproof makeup that can be easily removed, the skin-friendly ingredients are closer to the skin's needs, and makeup removal will not hurt the skin!

Mild in nature, no alcohol, no PARABEN, no fragrance, no coloring


  • Apply on face and massage gently, avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly. 

高丝 SOFTYMO 宝可梦联名版快速卸妆油

速效卸妆油 简单轻松卸妆!
日本No.1 热卖卸妆油,湿手使用OK!方便度UP!
洁肤成份: 向日葵油及粟米籽油配方添加

乳木果油: 超高保湿力,令肌肤自然有弹性,给予滋润同时润泽肌肤!
橄榄油: 有效保持水分并滋润营养肌肤,消除及延缓皱纹的出现,减缓皮肤老化程度。
荷荷巴油: 极高补水力,渗透力强, 能软化角质,并为肌肤提供更多养份!
芝麻油: 具有潜在抗氧化功能,改善皮肤老化,能起滋润和保湿作用。
红花籽油: 能抑制人体氧化反应的出现,还能延缓皮肤衰老,避免色素在皮肤表层沉积,令肌肤变得细嫩有弹性。


性质温和,无酒精,无PARABEN ,无香料,无着色



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