Kose 高丝

Kose Softymo White Cleansing Foam 190g 高丝 美白保湿卸妆洗面奶


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New formula. This foam cleanser now contains a Botanical Foam Cleansing Ingredient formula to remove makeup gently, yet completely. It creates a rich micro-lather that removes both heavy makeup and impurities inside the pores with a single wash. It can also be used as a facial cleanser for bare skin.

  • SOFTYMO Medicated White Cleansing Wash 190 g is a cleansing foam that can remove makeup.
  • Remove Makeup, Pore dirt, old dead skin containing residual melanin firmly.
  • It is a fresh wash-up which is gentle to the skin and is a pearl extract.
  • While continuing to use, it will give you a brighter and clearer skin.

Kose Softymo White Makeup Cleansing and Facial Foam 190gKose Softymo White Makeup Cleansing and Facial Foam 190g


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