Kose 高丝

Kose Softymo White Washing Foam 高丝 药用美白保湿洗面奶 150g


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Kose Softymo White Washing Foam

A mild cleansing foam with medicated formula, which effectively removes old skin cells and other harmful substances off the face, and prevent the later formation of black pigment (melanin), leaves your skin silky smooth and lustrous. The new formula contains coix seeds extracts for moisturizing performance.

高丝 美白保湿洗面凝胶


  •  轻易搓揉起泡,泡沫丰富细腻,能深入毛孔深处,清洁污垢、皮脂及化妆品残余物。

  • 新配合白真珠整肌成分,引导出有透明感、明亮的肌肤。

  •  配合植物性角质柔软成分苹果提取物,能去除老旧角质,预防黑色素的形成。

  • 泡沫卸妆+洁面,一次使用就兼顾卸妆及洁面之效果,方便简单。

  • 无香料.无着色。

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