Kracie Eye Zone Intensive Wrinkle Care Mask 30 pairs (50 ml) 肌美精水晶啫喱眼膜(30对 )

  • Kracie Eye Zone Mask is the sheet mask that focuses on eye wrinkles due to dryness. Formulated with a proprietary mix of royal jelly and retinol, the mask also delivers retinol concentrate EX and hyaluronic acid to the eye area to moisturize and lemon extract to soften the outer skin layer. 
  • The mask works effectively by adhering firmly to the skin and works to permeate the outer skin later to hydrate and deliver resiliance to the eye area and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • 60 pieces to be usable willingly every day (30 times). 

 1. Gently wash face and apply lotion. 
 2. Open package and gently remove one mask. 
 3. Adhere mask to eye area being careful of dripping. Masks do not have a designated side and may be placed on right or left side. 
 4. Leave in place on face for 5 minutes.


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