Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Hair Treatment 180g 嘉娜宝 双重保湿保湿护发素


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Use Kracie Ichikami Hair Shampoo/Conditioner for best results. 

  • Preventive beauty care series that is derived from Japanese women's hair research.
  • Protects the hair from the essence as well as repairs damage.
  • Leads to hard-to-damage hair each time it is used.
  • Repair & preventive ingredient pure, Japanese grass premium extract combination.
  • Uses plant-derived amino acid cleaning ingredients.
  • Non-silicone, sulfate-free prescription.
  • Damage repair + Cuticle prevention.


  • Sweet apricot and cherry blossom scent.
  • It penetrates into the hair, replenishes moisture and luster lost due to damage.
  • Charges moisture on both the hair and the skin, preventing dryness and finishing the hair tightly to the core.

How to use:

  • After shampooing, lightly drain the water, apply an appropriate amount to the hair, and then rinse after 1 to 2 minutes.


双重保湿保湿护发素含有油性滋润成分: 杏核油及山茶成分, 可以深层滋润秀发, 防止头发因干燥导致开岔等受损问题, 另含米胚芽油, 可以柔润及保护秀发, 预防自来水中重金属对头发的伤害, 含牡丹皮成分, 减少头发中的细菌量, 并预防头皮的问题, 含木患子, 有清洁用途, 产生天然幼细泡沫,可以预防头发互相磨擦的伤害, 含黑米发酵及保湿成分樱花萃取等成分, 可以滋养头皮及受损发丝。


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