Kracie Ichikami Hair Conditioner 480g [3 Types] 嘉娜宝 Ichikami 护发素系列


Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner : Not only repairs damage, but also protects the hair from its essence and moisturizes it into hair that is hard to damage each time it is used.

  • From the power of Japanese herb born from Japanese women's hair research, it protects hair from essence as well as repairing damage,
  • Preventive hair care series that leads to hair that is not easily damaged each time it is used.
  • Contains repair and preventive ingredients "Jun, Waso Premium Extract". Moist charge prescription.
  • Uses plant-derived amino acid-based cleaning ingredients. Non-silicon, sulfate-free formulation.
  • Aroma of slightly sweet apricots and elegant cherry blossoms. Damage repair + Prevents cuticle peeling. Moisturize.
  • Moist charge formula  

Airy & Silky:

  • Fresh Fruit and Cherry Blossom scent.
  • Moisturizes thin, soft hair that is easy to petanize.
  • For a light and light finish that feels soft and flutters in the wind.


  • Wild Cherry Blossoms scent.
  • Closes the easy-to-peel cuticle and smoothes the hair surface to prevent friction.
  • Smooth your curly hair to the tip of your finger.


  • Sweet Apricot and Cherry Blossom scent.
  • Moisturizes both hair and skin, preventing dryness that causes serious damage such as split ends.
  • Moist and cozy, moisturized and moisturized hair.

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