Kracie Ichikami Smoothing Hair Treatment 180g 嘉娜宝 黑白樱花高渗透瞬密修护发膜


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Use Kracie Ichikami Hair Shampoo/Conditioner for best results. 

  • Preventive beauty care series that is derived from Japanese women's hair research.
  • Protects the hair from the essence as well as repairs damage.
  • Leads to hard-to-damage hair each time it is used.
  • Repair & preventive ingredient pure, Japanese grass premium extract combination.
  • Uses plant-derived amino acid cleaning ingredients.
  • Non-silicone, sulfate-free prescription.
  • Damage repair + Cuticle prevention.


  • Wild cherry blossoms scent.
  • Smooths your fingers, protects your hair from damage caused by friction, and moisturizes even the hair that is particularly damaging.
  • Gives it a moist and moisturized hair that leads to beautiful and shiny hair. 

(适合中油/油性发质)黑白款承袭了原有的品质,从内部强效修护受损发质,修补受损毛鳞片,深层滋养头发,是秀发光泽弹力。 味道是经典的甜美樱花香。 适合染烫后受损发质。


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