Kracie Naive Body Soap Refresh 肌美精 活力柠檬海泥精华沐浴露 530ml



  • Ingredients are 100% born plants.
  • It cleanses gently and refreshing with naive original unique cleansing prescription.
  • Washes thoroughly with a soap washing ingredient and feel comfortable.
  • Foam quickly and easily, from the beginning of lathering, to a fine and uniform foam.
  • Unpigmented, mineral oil.
  • Silicon, parabens, alcohol not used.
  • Can also be used for your child's delicate skin as it is gentle.
  • Sebum adsorbable ingredients sea lump formulation, sweat and sweat after sweating, rinse thoroughly.
  • The scent of grapefruit & lime.

肌美精(Kracie) 大瓶装沐浴露桃叶精华530ml 不含硅防腐剂酒精成分温和保湿大瓶装沐浴露活力柠檬海泥精华530ml【图片价格品牌


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