KRACIE Naive Botanical Olive Hot Cleansing Balm 170g 植粹橄榄温感卸妆膏


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Cleansing Balm, made with olives specially from Shodoshima Island in Japan, that thoroughly removes dirt, grease, and makeup from face and adds moisture back to the skin as you massage.
  • One Step Melt In Hot Balm Type Makeup Remover
  • Suitable for Waterproof and Heavy Makeup
  • Deep Clean for Clear Pore
  • Special Selected Organic Olives from famous Shodoshima, Japan
  • Natural, No Additives, Kind To Skin
  • Moisturising Squalene from Olive 
  • Olive Forest Aroma
How To Use
Dispense cleanser onto palm, massage gently onto face. Rinse off thoroughly after makeup is dissolved.

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