Kracie Naive Refresh Face Wash 130g [2 Scents] 嘉娜宝 清爽洁面乳 蜜桃/绿茶


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3 Types of Scents to choose from: 


Grapefruit & Lime: A 100% cleansing ingredient cleansing foam that is born of plants. With natural moisture care ingredients (natural amino) formulation, it cleanses the skin moistly without damaging the moisture of the bare skin. Drops off sebum dirt and leads to a fresh skin with transparency. Paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, coloring not used.

Peach: Foaming face wash made from 100% plant ingredients removes dirt from pores and hydrates skin with peach leaf extract. The pleasant peach scent invigorates the senses. Free from parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and colorings.

Green Tea: Combined with a squeezing ingredient (tea leaf extract) to squeeze or tighten skin and pores, leading to smooth skin. Paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, coloring not used.


How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount (about 2cm), lather well with warm water or lukewarm water. You can use it without waste by turning the cap and removing it.

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