KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia White Musk Treatment 昆黛尔 蜂蜜&澳大利亚坚果白麝香护发素 500ml


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KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia White Musk Treatment

  • Hydro-Intensive Protein  Premium Hair Treatment
  • 6 Core Ingredients for Hair Protection
  • Contains 6 Plant-Derived Oil
  • Contains 29 Nature-Derived Extracts
  • Weak Acidic Treatment

KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia Hair Treatment contains LPP low molecular protein and hydrolyzed protein boosts hair absorption while six hair protection ingredients works quickly and reliably on damaged hair by providing soft and shiny hair while maintaining a weak acid balance.

How to Use

1.Put an appropriate amount of honey & macadamia hair treatment on your hands.

2. Apply it over your hair by hands and gently massage your hair. 

3.Leave it for 3-5 minutes. 

4.Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

*Made in Korea


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