KUNDAL Nature Mild Perfume Pet White Laundry Shampoo 昆黛尔 宠物香氛洗毛精 白洗衣味 500ml


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KUNDAL Nature Mild Perfume Pet White Laundry Shampoo

#Fragrant and lasting scent
#Moisturizing skin with 20% green tea water

Make your dog bath time more pleasant with dog shampoo that has both scent and ingredients! Perfume dog shampoo for your precious dog!

Mild and fragrant Chin-Love shampoo developed for dogs you are raising yourself

Use our shampoo for dogs with confidence

  • No animal derived ingredients used
  • Not tested on animals

Point 1 Dog Shampoo Exclusive Fragrance 

Tailored for dogs by a professional perfumer.
A dog with a sensitive sense of smell is not stressed the subtle scent lingers throughout the day, making both owners and dogs feel good.

White Laundry

#Cozy #Cotton scent #Warmth

Top orange

Middle Muguet, Iris

Base musk

Point 2 Gentle Ingredients Carefully Packed

Because the shampoo is absorbed into the dog's delicate skin.
A dog's skin is three times thinner than a human's. It consists of relatively large pores.
Therefore, dogs' skin is more sensitive than humans - absorption is much faster than humans, and absorbed ingredients can accumulate in the body.

Filled skin moisturizing & soothing ingredients

  • Containing 20% ​​of green tea water Containing 20% ​​of strongly brewed green tea water, it helps to soothe and moisturize dry and sensitive dog skin.
  • Contains 5,880ppm of macadamia seed extract. It contains 5,880ppm of macadamia seed extract, a skin moisturizing ingredient, to moisturize and care for your dog's dry skin.

#Using plant-derived surfactant extracted from coconut

#Contains extracts listed on the list of plants for dogs provided by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPC)

Point 3 A pH balancing recipe tailored to your dog's skin

Changes in skin pH can upset the balance and lead to skin diseases. It is important to adjust the pH suitable for neutral dog skin.

The pH 6.5~7.5 formula that is perfect for your dog's skin cleanses your dog's skin more mildly.

Point 4 Silky Hair Without Tangles

Whether it's long hair or short hair, just shampoo. It cares for soft hair that is not tangled and not stiff.

Point 5 Low-viscosity texture and rich foam

It is a low-viscosity gel type that can be quickly and thoroughly cleansed even on thick hair.

How to Use
  1. Before bathing, comb out tangled hair and remove dust.
  2. Wet it with water of the right temperature and wash thoroughly with shampoo. It is good to have a simple massage together.
  3. Rinse thoroughly until the foam disappears. If shampoo gets into your eyes after bathing, rinse them with artificial tears or eye wash.
  4. Wipe off the water with a towel that absorbs enough moisture and thoroughly dry the undercoat with a hair dryer.

*Made in Korea

昆黛尔 宠物香氛洗毛精


使用兼具香味和 温和成分的狗洗发水,让您的狗洗澡时间更加愉快! 为您的爱犬准备的香水香波!

为您的狗狗开发的温和芳香的 Chin-Love 洗发水

  • 不使用动物源性成分
  • 无动物测试

Point 1 狗狗洗发水 独家香氛



# 舒适 #棉花 香味 #暖和

前调 橙色

中调 铃兰、鸢尾花

后调 麝香

Point 2 温和成分精心包装

狗的皮肤比人的薄三倍。 它由相对较大的孔隙组成。


  • 含20%绿茶水含20%浓泡绿茶水,有助于舒缓和滋润干燥敏感的狗狗皮肤。
  • 含有 5,880ppm 澳洲坚果籽提取物。 它含有 5,880ppm 的澳洲坚果籽提取物,这是一种皮肤保湿成分,可滋润和呵护您爱犬的干燥皮肤。


#含有提取物列在所提供的狗的植物列表中美国防止虐待动物协会 (ASPC)

Point 3 为您的狗的皮肤量身定做的 pH 平衡配方

皮肤 pH 值的变化会破坏平衡并导致皮肤病。 调整适合中性狗皮肤的 pH 值很重要。

最适合爱犬皮肤的 pH 6.5~7.5 配方更温和地清洁爱犬的皮肤。

Point 4 柔顺无缠结的毛发

不管是长毛还是短,洗发水就可以了。 呵护不缠结、不僵硬的柔软 毛发

Point 5 低粘度质地和丰富的泡沫



  1. 沐浴前,梳理缠结的头发,去除灰尘。
  2. 用合适温度的水将其弄湿,然后用洗发水彻底清洗。 一起来个简单的按摩就好了。
  3. 彻底冲洗直到泡沫消失。 如果沐浴后洗发水进入眼睛,请用人工泪液或洗眼液冲洗。
  4. 用吸收足够水分的毛巾擦去水分,并用吹风机彻底吹干底毛。



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