Laundrin' Car Fragrance (Sakura Cherry Blossom) 朗德林 车用香薰 (樱花香氛)


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Laundrin' Car Fragrance (Sakura Cherry Blossom)

Decorate the inside of your car with a special scent.
With a stylish design that suits any car and a pleasant, elegant scent, it will give you a higher-grade car life.

A Sakura Cherry Blossom scent with a soft scent of fresh cherries and soft musk.

TOP: Cassis / Peach / Green Tea
MIDDLE: Sakura / Freesia / Muguet / Cherry
LAST: Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Amber / Musk

How to Use

  • Take out the scent ring from the aluminum bag and set it on the main unit.
  • Attach the clip to the back cover and turn it to the right until it clicks to close it.
  • Insert the grip into the fin of the air conditioner vent and secure it. (Make sure it doesn't fall)

朗德林 车用香薰 (樱花香氛)



前调: 水蜜桃, 黑加仑子, 绿茶
中调: 樱花, 樱桃, 小苍兰, 铃兰
后调: 麝香, 檀香, 雪松, 龙涎香


    • 从铝袋中取出香味环并将其安装在主机上。
    • 将夹子固定到后盖上,然后向右转动,直至发出“咔嗒”声将其关闭。
    • 将把手插入空调出风口翅片并固定。(确保它不会掉落)

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