LAUNDRIN' Fragrance For Car 2pcs Set (Classic Fiore) 日本LAUNDRIN’车用香薰 两个装 (清新典雅)



LAUNDRIN' Fragrance For Car 2pcs Set (Classic Fiore)

A car fragrance that creates a car interior with a special fragrance. With a stylish design that goes well with any car, it has a pleasant and elegant scent that will make your car life a step above the rest. A gorgeous and elegant "classic fiorea" fragrance with liche's luscess.

Classic Fiore
A gorgeous and elegant scent with fresh accents of geranium and lychee.


Lychee Cassis

rose jasmine
muguet geranium

musk cedar patchouli

Value pack of 2
Fragrance lasts approximately 30 days*
Clip type for air vents.
Deodorizes unpleasant odors.
The lasting scent may vary depending on the usage environment and conditions.
There may be individual differences in how the scent feels like.
Packaging design, etc. may be altered without prior notice


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