Laundrin' Summer Limited Room Fragrance (Fresh Mojito) 朗德林 夏季限定室内芳香剂 (清新莫希托) 220ml


Amazon | 【2021年新商品】ランドリン ファブリックミスト フレッシュモヒート2021 370ml | ランドリン | ドラッグストア

Laundrin' Room Fragrance (Fresh Mojito)

“Fresh Mojito”, which is a popular beachside scent with a refreshing feeling of the Caribbean Sea and a refreshing sweetness of lemon and lime. 

Scent lasts approximately 1-1.5 months.(The scent lasts varies depending on the season and environment of use.There may be individual differences in the strength and feel of the fragrance)

The gentle and elegant scent created by Perfumer will make your room feel luxurious

朗德林 夏季限定室内芳香剂 (清新莫希托)

  • 以加勒比海为灵感来源的夏季限定香氛
  • 充满清凉感与畅快甜味的柠檬和莱姆,仿如置身海边
  • 清爽的香气与凉感的蓝色瓶身置放于室内就能充分感受夏天的氛围



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