LAURIER Shiawase Bare Skin 350 Especially for Heavy Nights 35cm W/Wings 8 Pcs 乐而雅 F系列夜用量多翼型350卫生巾 35cm 8枚/包


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LAURIER Shiawase Bare Skin 350 Especially for Heavy Nights 35cm

Instant absorption! Gentle on sensitive skin during menstruation. 

  •  Uses a low-irritation touch sheet (same as the conventional “Fuwapoko surface sheet”). The large dome gently touches the skin, while the small dome is designed to allow air to pass through. Minimize the surface that touches the skin (inside the Laurier sanitary napkin) to reduce irritation caused by rubbing and itchiness caused by stuffiness.
  • Even if it comes out suddenly, it absorbs menstrual blood quickly and is not sticky. Keeps skin smooth.
  • 100% breathable material prevents stuffiness and is comfortable (excluding the anti-slip tape) 
  • Contains 6 times more highly absorbent polymer that can be relied on until morning
  • Unscented

Length/Type: 35cm, especially for heavy nights, with wings


Constituent material
Surface material: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester Color tone: white, pink (including red No. 202)

*Made in Japan

乐而雅 F系列夜用量多翼型350卫生巾 35cm

瞬间吸收! 对敏感肌肤温和。

  • 使用低刺激触感表面材料(与传统的“Fuwapoko表面纸”相同)。大圆顶轻柔地接触皮肤,而小圆顶设计用于让空气通过。尽量减少接触皮肤的表面(乐而雅卫生巾内部),以减少摩擦引起的刺激和闷热引起的瘙痒。
  • 即使突然出来,吸收也很快,不黏腻。 保持皮肤光滑。
  • 100%透气材质,不闷热舒适(不包括防滑带)
  • 含有6倍的高吸水性聚合物,可放心使用至清晨
  • 无味






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