Lavons Le Linge Fabric Softener (Luxury Relax) 朗蓬恩 衣物柔软柔顺剂 (清香淡雅) 600ml


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Lavons Fabric Conditioner (Luxury Relax)

  • Sensitive skin will no longer feel itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Deodorizing and sterilizing effect makes clothes cleaner.
  • Fresh plant fragrance, the washed clothes are soft and fluffy, and it is the most suitable for maintenance of precious and close-fitting clothes!
  • Naturally extracted fragrances are used for a perfume-like luxurious fragrance that lasts from washing to wearing.
  • It can also be used on baby clothes because it makes clothes soft and smooth.

How to use

  • For fully automatic washing machine: put this product into the softener automatic tank for cleaning.
  • In the case of double-slot washing machine and hand washing: After the rinse water is clean, add this product and spin for about 3 minutes or soak and spin.

*Made in Japan


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