LAVONS Le Linge Gel Car Air Freshener (French Macaron) 朗蓬恩 车载固体凝胶香氛 (法国马卡龙) 110g


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LAVONS Le Linge Gel Car Air Freshener (French Macaron)

A stationary type car air freshener that can be installed not only in the drink holder but also in the back seat or any other place you like. It has a pop bicolor design that matches the image of each scent, so it is perfect not only for the interior of the car but also for the interior of the entrance and room.

Approximately 1-1.5 months

日本LAVONS 车载固体凝胶香氛 (法国马卡龙) 

固定式汽车空气清新剂,不仅可以安装在饮料架上,还可以安装在后座或任何您喜欢的地方。 它采用流行的双色设计,与每种气味的形象相匹配,因此不仅适用于汽车内部,也适用于入口和房间的内部。


使用限期: 香味可维持大概1-1.5个月


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