Layered Fragrance

Layered Fragrance Body Spray 100ml [3 Scents] 日本超人气小众品牌-经典身体香水


LAYERED FRAGRANCE is a Japanese fragrance brand with all of the lineup made in Japan. With careful production, Japanese quality is kept in mind. The quality is luxury, but the price is casual so that you can find a way to use your scent like a lot of piles.

It smells casually becoming a habit. The fragrance overlaps and it becomes sexy and it is mysterious enough to approach the skin. Born from the idea of enjoying the fragrance "laying the scent".

A way to use a completely new fragrance, born from the idea of ​​enjoying more than one fragrances. Way to enjoy the new fragrance used repeatedly by men and women. As a tool for directing a part of fashion wearing fragrance, "attractive", with the same sense as wearing a jacket over the shirt, wearing a fur on the dress.


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