Layered Fragrance Cream de Cologne 30g [6 types] 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 保湿香水乳霜 [6款]


Cream type fragrance in a small tube, very convinient to bring anywhere. Can be used as a hand cream, also layering the fragrances with body spray. Produced 6 most popular aromas. You can freely use it layering with other aromas or same aroma from our products. Pack Size - 30g

How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount and let it fit into your neck.

Scent types: 

Orange Blossom: 

  • Cream type colon. In the world of fragrance, it is called "Neroli" and has been loved by oranges for a long time. A scent that feels refreshing and refreshing with the elegance of flowers overflowing in the citrus notes. 

Sugar Lychee

  • The fresh, juicy, fruity impression of lychee soaked in sugar, and the slight bitter impression of lychee living there.
    Lychee is a fruit that seems familiar to us Japanese and is a bit far away. And, in fact, it is a fragrance that is not so much used in the fragrance world. I think it is a fruity scent loved by everyone.
    Among layered fragrances, it is a good fragrance for those who love rose and mugge and champagne.

White Musk:

  • It changes from a refreshing white musk scent to a slight vanilla scent and a jasmine scent. Smart and sweet. But a little melancholy impression. Gentle fragrance that attracts people.


  • A fragrance that perfectly expresses the gorgeous sweetness that you want to stay close to forever.
    It has a juicy, fruity fragrance that makes ripe white grapes pop into bubbles.

Fresh Pear: 

  • A scent conscious of California resort. The sweet fruity aroma of pear spreads with a sense of transparency. The freshness of freshly picked fruit changes into a crush that makes your heart jump.

Lemon Peel:

  • A fresh impression and scent full of cleanliness, as if squeezing the sizzling lemons of Sicily from Italy. Refreshing charm that attracts people instantly like the Mediterranean Sea in summer is condensed.

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