Layered Fragrance Creme de Parfume [4 Scents] 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 身体香氛膏 [4款]

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"Creme de Parfum" is a cream-type perfume that gently smells nearby.

When approaching within 30 cm, you will feel the scent as if creeping for the first time.
Compared to the scent of an eau de toilette that can easily reach the nostrils, it is a deep scent used in middle to last notes.
It is also characterized by a relatively long lasting scent of about 6 hours.
When the cream is kneaded into the skin, the fragrance blends into the skin so that it penetrates.
The cream that pursues the softness that fits into the skin of Japanese people spreads so as to envelop the skin and makes you want to rub your cheeks unintentionally. There is no doubt that you will be captivated once you use it.

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