Layered Fragrance Fabric Softener Rose & Muguet 1000ml 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 衣物柔顺剂 (玫瑰&铃兰)


This fabric softener uses plenty of natural materials for a fluffy finish. It gives clothing natural softness and water absorption, and has become a human-friendly fabric softener with its softening, moisturizing, and antioxidant effects made from natural ingredients.

[Rose & Muguet] It starts with a small and lovely scent of lily of the valley, and gradually spreads the soft scent of rose. The elegant appearance of Rose and Muguet creates an elegant space. The sweetness of the flowers is not overemphasized, and the floral bouquet is perfectly balanced. The scent is surprisingly recommended for men as well as for women.

[How to use] Please be sure to check before washing. Some colored items will fade with water. When washing for the first time, apply the undiluted solution to the inconspicuous part and check that the color does not transfer to a white cloth after 5 minutes.


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