Layered Fragrance Fabric Softener White Musk 1000ml 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 衣物柔顺剂 (白麝香)


A fabric softener that pursues high quality with a focus on fragrance and quality.

The softness of towels and clothing that you will feel the more you use it. You can use it with confidence because it does not use parabens.The layered fragrance softener contains naturally derived ingredients. We use abundantly high quality silk and natural ingredients.

  • High-quality touch and comfortable softness
  • Naturally derived ingredients make it soft and fluffy
  • From softness to high-quality fragrance unique to fragrance brands
  • The refreshing scent of white musk slowly spreads into a warm vanilla scent with a sense of security, and beyond that you can feel the depth of jasmine.

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