Layered Fragrance Mobile Fragrance 1pc [5 Scents] 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 包包车载香水卡片 [五款]


A portable card-type sachet (air freshener) "Mobile Fragrance" (perfume) is here!

You can enjoy it in every situation by putting it on a closet, car, accessory like a bag like a sachet.

Five popular scents. Recommended for gifts.

[Lineup: 5 types]
★ Fresh Pear: A fragrance based on the pear that has always been popular!

★ Champagne: Aroma based on the most popular over-the-counter white grapes.

★ Bergamot Jasmine: Wraps the gentle scent of jasmine

★ Sugar lychee : The most popular fragrance that makes you want to eat!

Olive vodka: Somehow a gorgeous scent creates sexy
A fragrance that can be carried around. How to use is up to you.


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