Layered Fragrance Premium Detergent Rose&Muguet 900ml 日本LAYERED FRAGRANCE 香水洗衣液 (玫瑰&铃兰)



  • Clothes detergent for high-quality laundr.
  • Aiming for comfortable washing, we thoroughly implement "paraben-free," "bleach-free," "colorant-free," "fluorescent-free," and "preservative-free" so that children and adults can use it with peace of mind.
  • Finished as a skin-friendly detergent.
  • The capacity of laundry detergent is 900 ml.
  • Drum type washing machine 3.0kg. When the standard amount of water for general type is 45L, the standard amount for one use is 20ml. It has a capacity that can be used about 45 times.
  • The elegant appearance of Rose and Muguet creates an elegant space. It brings a sense of luxury and richness to the depth, and you can enjoy the sweetness like nectar of flowers afterwards.

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